Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety
Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety
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Day 1Friday, 17 January 202009:00 AM05:00 PM
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Course Description

Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety

Additional Description

Information Document Prepared by Tullberg Aquatics    PLEASE READ CAREFULLY


Dear Course Applicant,


.Remember you need to also bring food, swimwear, goggles, swim cap, spare towel, notepad and pen.




The following will be provided for you at the course;-

* A Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety Candidate Handbook

* The AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety manual  


Assessment Items which you are required to complete and/or forward to me after the presentation of the Course are;-

1 Online Theory Assessment

Method of assessment

The Online exam, Teacher Declaration and Course Assessment are accessed via AUSTSWIM website www.austswim.com.au 

To access the Online exam Teacher Declaration and Course Assessment,   Click e-learning Centre   on the Home page and enter your Log in details following the instructions as:-.

1) If you enrolled in a course on line or already hold a license go to instruction 5, all others will need to "activate their account, “click here" (under the log in spot)

2) Enter your unique email address this will be the address you originally entered on the data base or used on any Hard copy Application. If you have a problem with this call AUSTSWIM on +61 3 9562 7900

3) Enter a password and confirm the password

4) A confirmation email will be sent, and you use the link from that email to complete the activation

 5) Go to the "e-learning centre" and log in


You may commence any time after the start of the presentation of the Course. The log in details will also be used for all future AUSTSWIM online features, however access to the current course materials only remain valid for a period of 12 months.


The exam consists of multiple choice questions. All questions must be answered correctly in order to successfully complete the exam. The exam is open book and does not need to be completed in a single sitting. You can do as much as you like each time you access it until complete.  Candidates receive instant verification upon successful completion of the exam.

The Teacher Declaration and the Course Evaluation must be completed on line before the exam is considered complete.


2 Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Certificate

The candidate must provide evidence of holding a current approved cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) award, including one and two operator techniques and discussion and practice of modifications for children and infants. It is not necessary to have this prior to attending the course. It may be included in a Pool or Surf Bronze, Pool Lifeguard, First Aid certificate or similar award. It is not necessary to send an original, a photo copy is sufficient.   If you can provide this at the course it will save extra work for you later.


3 Verification of Teaching Competency

To be assessed on teaching competency skills by a current licenced AUSTSWIM Assessor.

It is the Candidates responsibility to find a place to complete this assessment. AUSTSWIM Registered Swim Schools as found on www.austswim.com.au  is the first place to look

Candidate Guidelines

Before being eligible to be verified for teaching competence a candidate must have:

• Completed an appropriate number of supervised teaching experience hours and received advice from the supervising teacher that they are ready to have their teaching competency verified.

* Prepared 3 lesson plans appropriate to the lesson they have been allocated. (Forms 4a,4b and 4c in the Handbook)

• The lesson plans must be completed, and should be planned for a duration of 30 minutes and have a minimum of 4 participants who are aged from 4 years to adults. The class size will vary depending on the ability of the students. Prior to commencing the verification of the teaching competence lesson, candidates must provide the assessor with these lesson plans.


The Verification of Teaching Competency Form ( Form 3 in the Handbook)  is to be signed by the:

A list of Assessors is available to you when you go to  www.austswim.com.au  ,   Click e-learning Centre   on the Home page and enter your Log in details:

• Verifying assessor and the candidate. Where possible it is recommended the assessor signing this form is different from the person who supervised the teaching experience hours.

Note: the assessor cannot be a relative or guardian of the candidate.

• If the candidate successfully completes all the criteria to the satisfaction of the assessor the Verification of Teaching Competency Form is to be signed and returned to the candidate.

• If the candidate does not meet all of the criteria they are encouraged to complete more teaching experience before presenting for re-verification.


4 Photo ID –Form 5 in the Handbook you receive at the course Please read the instructions carefully. Make sure the Guarantor meets the requirements as per Section 2 on the Form and they complete Section 3 and sign the back of the photo.


When you have completed Assessment Items 2 and 3, please return to the address above. Do not email Photo ID Form 5. All Assessment Items MUST be completed within one year from the date of the commencement of the Course presentation.

It is your interest to retain a copy of ALL forms sent


The following will be completed at the Course;-

1 Practical Assessment of Rescue Competencies

General Guidelines

Holders of current RLSS Pool Lifeguard or Bronze, or Surf Bronze medallion certificates or equivalent may apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL) from undertaking this assessment. The certificate must be current when the AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water safety certificate is ready to be issued. To apply for RPL the candidate must provide a copy of the certificate to the AUSTSWIM Course Provider/Presenter as evidence.

Candidates will be dressed in swimwear for all practical assessments. The successful demonstration of rescue techniques is an indication of the skills at the time of the assessment. Regular practice is required to ensure that the required skill level is maintained.


B Rescue Competencies

AUSTSWIM candidates are required to show competence in performing each of the following Non-Swimming Rescues that can be used at a pool or in confined natural shallow water.

  1. Reach rescue        ii     Rope throw rescue          iii    Throw a flotation aid


AUSTSWIM candidates are required to show competence in performing each of the following swimming Rescues that can be used at a pool or in confined natural shallow water.

Wade Rescue

In shallow water, a weak swimmer is in difficulty 10 to 15 metres from the point of entry. An aid (rigid or flotation) is available Using an appropriate entry, perform a 10 to 15 metre wade rescue. Show the best practice method for maintaining self-preservation and reassure the swimmer to climb out

Non-contact Rescue (or accompanied) with defensive techniques

A conscious weak swimmer is in difficulty 10 to 15 metres from the point of entry. An aid (rigid or flotation) is available. Using an appropriate entry, perform a 10 to 15 metres non-contact rescue. Show the best practice method for maintaining self-preservation. Reassure and assist the swimmer to climb out. This rescue should be performed at the deepest part of the pool.


Contact Tow (Recover and Resuscitate) with water search procedures

A drowning person is on the pool floor.  Candidates must: Enter the water from the poolside. Search for a drowning person. Recover a person or an object from a depth of 1 – 2 metres. Return to the surface using an object. Substitute the object for the person simulating unconsciousness. Take the person to the nearest point of support. Simulate rescue breathing. This rescue should be conducted at the deepest part of the pool.


Spinal Injury Management

Vice Grip

Candidates must apply a vice grip for the immobilisation of a spinal injury to the neck of a person in shallow water (face down).  Check for signs of life and then wade with the casualty for 5 metres.  Summon assistance

Extended Arm Roll-Over

Candidates must demonstrate an extended arm roll-over for the immobilisation of a spinal injury to the neck of a person in shallow water (face down).  Check for signs of life and wade with the person to safety.  Summon assistance.

Note: the extended arm roll-over should be conducted in water that is too shallow to conduct a vice grip.

2 Continuous Aquatic Sequence

In order to determine candidates are comfortable and confident in an aquatic environment, the candidate is required to complete a Continuous Aquatic Sequence comprising of:

• Enter the water with an appropriate feet first entry

• Float, scull or tread water for 1-2 minutes with feet off the bottom of the pool

• Fully submerge and swim underwater for 2 – 5 metres and re-surface

• Swim 40 – 50 metres on the front with face in water (displaying comfortable breathing technique)

• Rotate or roll onto back

• Swim 40 – 50 metres on the back

• Exit the water appropriately

It is to be noted that this is to be completed as one continuous sequence without rest stops.


3 Practical Demonstration of Teaching Skills

This activity is designed to assess the candidate’s ability to demonstrate for teaching purposes specific teaching of swimming and water safety skills. The method of assessment is Role play

Assessment guidelines

This activity is to occur during the practical components of the course presentation.

Candidates are required to instruct a minimum of one skill from each of 4 categories to a small group of candidates


ALL requirements must be completed within 12 months of undertaking the course.



If you have not received your Licence within 30 days please contact mePlease do not contact me before this time.

Candidates must be a minimum of 17 years of age to receive their Licence.


I look forward to your attendance and know that you will receive a lot of useful skills and ideas to assist in your teaching of swimming and water safety. .  If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact    Contact:    Ouida You  +6593203366

Or myself  on email; - etullber@bigpond.net.au

 The course timetable should be used as a guide only as times allocated may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. 



*Notification must be made no less than 48 hours prior to the commencement of a course if you wish to cancel or transfer your enrolment.

* If no notice is given prior to the course then the candidate will forfeit the right to a refund or transfer. 

*Refunds will incur an administration fee of 20% of the enrolment fee. Transfers will incur an administration fee of 10% of the enrolment fee.

*In the event of the course being cancelled by AUSTSWIM or the Provider due to insufficient enrolments, candidates will be offered a full refund or may elect to transfer to another course without penalty. Fees will be waived if a medical certificate is provided

*The enrolment fee includes;-  All course requirements and resources and Insurance coverage while undertaking the Course and post course on the job requirements and for 3 years once AUSTSWIM Accreditation for the training course is issued ( Conditions apply) but excludes CPR certification and photo identification.


Ted Tullberg